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Mistranslating peaceful Rabbi Yosef - anti-religious Haaretz's bigotry

Mistranslating peaceful Rabbi Yosef - anti-religious Haaretz's bigotry

How anti-religious-Jews, the radical Haaretz has mistranslated [again] R. Ovadia Yosef when he spoke about Arab terrorists.

Haaretz in "translating" the speech, used the term: "haters of Israel" in an attempt to translate "Sonei Israel" which was always (even before the re-creation of the state of Israel) and is really Jew-haters or 'haters of the people of Israel' - referring to the Jewish people, not connected to the state of Israel - which misinformation portal Haaretz makes it so erroneously sound.

True, the above terminology is used by religious Jews, some ignorant secular Israelis tend to mistranslate it, but one would expect more from such a [sadly] well known and recognized media outlet.

Had Haaretz properly translated the original speech, it would come out clear that R. Yosef was referring exclusively to Jew haters among the Arabs, not all Arabs. As well as the proper context - his reference to murder and terror within that speech, the unfair generalization of Arabs would then be avoided, and subsequently the demonization of religious Jews.

The sad part is that international media outlets like the BBC relies so strongly on Haaretz, especially in its anti-Jewish rant, which is why neither Haaretz nor the BBC have published R. Ovada Yosef's own declaration on the Arab press that he clearly meant only Arab terrorists and murderers, and had included by no mean 'Arabs' per se.

So far, neither the BBC nor Haaretz, had publish R. Yosef's declared clarification.

It's just another cheap, yet vile attempt by anti-religious radicals in an effort to "equalize" the sides in [supposed] extremism, (Haaretz, caught up in major anti-Israeli Arab propganda, is also champion in Israeli media, to pull out -so irresponsibly- the term "racism" out of its sleeves, a lot, so quick to define any discomfort from the lack of security stemming from Arab attacks targeting Jews as "racist", yet, will still hesitate to define the racism-motivated Arab attackers, in that fully deserving term) while the sad uneven reality is that the radical Mullahs preaching annihilation of Jews and glorifying mass murder in 'jihadism' are paraded routinely on "moderate" media of Palestinian and other Arab mainstream outlet, just look them up on PalWatch and on Memri.


Rabbi Yosef clarified that his sermon was misquoted, that he was referring to annihilation of Arab terrorists and not of all Arab people, and caled upon his party to look for peace and security...,7340,L-1224628,00.html

הרב עובדיה מסביר בראיון, המובא כאן במלואו, שכאשר כינה את הערבים "נחשים", "נמלים" והציע להשמידם, התכוון רק לטרוריסטים. הוא אומר עוד: "הוריתי למנהיגי מפלגתי לחתור לשלום ולביטחון"

(In an interview published in 2001 in London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat and Kuwaiti paper al-Watan, he said, "I deeply regret the human suffering caused to innocents, but the source of this should be pinned on the Palestinian leadership.)


Rabbi Ovadia Yosef clarified the Arab press the "speech snakes"

הראיון נערך לאחר מגעים ממושכים עם העיתונים. The interview was conducted after lengthy negotiations with the newspapers. הרב עובדיה מסביר בראיון, המובא כאן במלואו, שכאשר כינה את הערבים "נחשים", "נמלים" והציע להשמידם, התכוון רק לטרוריסטים. Rabbi Ovadia explains in an interview, presented here in its entirety, when he called the Arabs "snakes", "ants" and offered to destroy them, meant only to terrorists. הוא אומר עוד: "הוריתי למנהיגי מפלגתי לחתור לשלום ולביטחון" He says further: "I told the party leaders to seek peace and security"

אבישי בן חיים ועלי ואקד Avishai Ben Haim and Ali Waked פורסם: Released: 22.10.01, 13:58 22:10:01, 13:58

פרסום ראשון: מנהיגה הרוחני של ש"ס הרב עובדיה יוסף העניק ראיון רחב היקף לעיתונות הערבית העולמית. הראיון התפרסם היום (ב') בעיתון הלונדוני "א-שרק אל אווסט" ובעיתון "אל ווטן" הכוויתי. (לראיון המלא ראו קישור מימין) First Published: Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef gave an extensive interview in the international Arab press. The interview was published today (Monday) in the London [based] newspaper A - Sharq Al Awsat and in the Kuwaiti Al Watan. (Full interview, see link right)

הראיון נערך בשבוע שעבר, יומיים לפני רצח השר רחבעם זאבי. The interview was conducted last week, two days before the assassination of Minister Zeevi. עורכי העיתונים שלחו את שאלותיהם בפקס והרב עובדיה יוסף כתב את תשובותיו בכתב ידו, התשובות תורגמו, הודפסו ונשלחו אל מערכות העיתונים הערביים. Newspaper editors send their questions by fax and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef wrote his answers in his own handwriting, the answers were translated, printed and sent to Arab newspapers systems.

לריאיון הנדיר קדמו מגעים שנמשכו חודשים בין דובר תנועת ש"ס איציק סודרי לבין עורכי העיתונים עבדול רחמן אל רשיד ומוחמד אל ג'זים באמצעות צד The rare interview was preceded by negotiations that lasted months between Shas spokesman Itzik Sudri and newspaper editors Abdul Rahman Al Rashid and Mohammed Al-gill by side

שלישי. Tuesday. הרב עובדיה יוסף נתן את הסכמתו כבר בחודש ספטמבר, אולם פיגועי הטרור בבנייני התאומים דחו את ביצוע הראיון עד לשבוע שעבר. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef gave his consent already in September, but the World Trade Center terrorist attacks postponed the execution of the interview until last week.

בהנהגת ש"ס ראו חשיבות רבה בקיום הראיון וזאת בשל סדרת ההתבטאויות של הרב נגד ערבים בשנה האחרונה, התבטאויות שגררו איומים על חייו. בין היתר כינה הרב יוסף את הערבים "נחשים", "נמלים" ואמר כי "צריך להשמיד אותם ולתת להם טילים על הכיף כיפאק" (ראו קישור מימין). Shas leadership saw the conducting of the interview of great importance due to the rabbi's remarks series against Arabs in the past year, statements dragging death threats. Among other things, Rabbi Yosef called the Arabs "snakes", "ants" and said that "We must destroy them.. "(see link right).

בראיון מסביר הרב יוסף שבדבריו אלו התכוון רק לטרוריסטים הערביים ולא לציבור הערבי כולו. In an interview with Rabbi Yosef explains his words are meant only to Arab terrorists and not to the entire Arab public. לדבריו, סולפו דבריו: "וכל מה שרציתי לומר הוא שהתכוונתי לאותם שפלים האחראים לשפיכת דמם של ישראלים ואחראים להתקפות שביצעו רוצחים מהשטחים הפלסטינים". He said that his words were distorted: "all I wanted to say is that I referred to those responsible for spilling the blood of Israelis and are responsible for attacks committed by killers from the Palestinian Territories."

לדברי מנהיג ש"ס, כל ממשלות ישראל, כולל ממשלת שרון, רוצים להגיע להסכם עם הפלסטינים, "בתנאי שאלו יפסיקו את פעולות הטרור והשנאה". עובדיה מוסיף: "הוריתי למנהיגי מפלגתי לחתור לשלום ולביטחון, גם אם הדבר כרוך בויתור על אדמות הכלולות בהבטחת אלוהים לבני ישראל". According to the leader of Shas, all Israeli governments, including the Sharon government, want to reach an agreement with the Palestinians, "provided that these [Palestinians] end their terrorist acts and hate". Ovadia adds, "I instructed party leaders to seek peace and security, even if it means relinquishing land included in God's promises to the children of Israel. "

מנהיג ש"ס מביע צער על כך שההנהגה הפלסטינית חסרה את האומץ להגיע לשלום עם ישראל. לדבריו, הדת היהודית מעדיפה את ערך האדם על פני כל דבר אחר, כי ליהדות ולאיסלאם היסטוריה מפוארת של חיים משותפים. Shas leader expresses regret that the Palestinian leadership lacks the courage to make peace with Israel. He said that the Jewish religion would prefer the human value over anything else, that Judaism and Islam glorious history of living together.

הרב סיפר בראיון כי חלק מהספרות היהודית נכתבה במדינות המוסלמיות במהלך תור הזהב של השפה והספרות הערבית. The Rabbi said in an interview that some Jewish literature written in Muslim countries during the golden age of Arabic language and literature. מנהיג ש"ס קרא לשיפור תנאי החיים של הערבים בישראל ואמר כי נתן הוראה ברוח זו לשרי ש"ס. Shas leader called for improving the living conditions of Arabs in Israel and said that this spirit has ordered Shas ministers.

בעקבות הריאיון צופים בש"ס שיתקיימו מגעים בין הרב עובדיה יוסף לבין מנהיגים דתיים איסלאמיים. Following the interview, expect to be held contacts between Shas Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Islamic religious leaders.,7340,L-1224628,00.html

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George Weiss – typical Jew, American Jew – kind, compassionate, a GIVER

George Weiss – typical Jew, American Jew – kind, compassionate, a GIVER

Sarah Palin Details ‘Heroism, Courage, A Warrior’s Spirit’ In Fox News Special The special begins with Palin speaking directly to the camera. “Heroism, courage, generosity, a warrior’s spirit – these are the things that unite all Americans,” she says. Then we’re off to meet George Weiss, who started the “Say Yes” program and is helping kids all over the country go to college. Weiss’ story, as the others, are voiced by Palin, so her role of narrator makes it seem like we get more Palin that we actually do. There are subtle political undertones to the Weiss report, and a few others – in a follow-up interview with the “Say Yes” program head of the Harlem chapter, Palin praises the work of “private sector contribution.”

[PDF] Download Fall Winter 2009 issue
On the COver: The Say Yes program works with students ….. tation of american communities. pairs visited two or three towns in two-week periods, with a week ….. my hometown, this was my first visit to campus since I graduated in 1960. I was so …… Weiss, president of George Weiss Associates, a money …

The Tolls are active in Seeds of Peace, an organization dedicated to working for peace in the Middle East by selecting promising Jewish, Muslim and Christian students to attend a summer co-existence camp in the United States.

1. Joel Greenblatt

(Contacts/Board of Directors-Bios)

He also sits on the board of the Institute for Student Achievement and the Davidson School of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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Humane Jewish, Jews - kindness & humanity for all!

Jewish Donations to Humanitarian Causes

According to research conducted by the non-profit Institute for Jewish and Community Research, 25 percent of the largest donations that are received by educational institutions are from Jewish donors. More than 70 percent of grants that Jewish foundations make for humanitarian needs go to non-Jewish causes. Tzedakah as a Jewish ethical and religious principle has a profound effect not only on the survival and success of Jewish charities, but upon the health of North American humanitarian causes in general.


Why Charity by Jews is Important to World Causes

Survey which estimated 62 percent of U.S. Jews give to non-Jewish causes, …

Why Aren’t Jews Giving to Jews? Los Angeles Jewish Journal 26 Jun 2003 … of America’s biggest Jewish and non-Jewish givers over a six-year period. …. Even among the most substantial donors to Jewish causes, far larger sums go to general universities and museums, Wertheimer noted. …

Charity Hits Back in Feud Over Arab Aid –, Ripped by Right for Postwar Help To Non-Jews, Ruskay Cites Values … most Israeli Arabs showed disloyalty to Israel during the war and … At least one major donor to Jewish charitable causes, Gary Erlbaum, …

“The highest form of charity is to take a poor person into partnership”

Jewish traditions teach us to see the world globally in ever-widening ripples of responsibility. Our family lies closest to us, our community next, and so on. Tzedek believes that the ripples don’t stop rippling at a certain point beyond which we have no responsibility. Our belief in Tikkun Olam, repairing of the world, stretches beyond racial or religious boundaries.

UK Jews help Kashmir relief Human Aid Focus has so far raised £90000 – including the £35000 pledged by the World Jewish Aid charity. It is hoped that the bulk of this money will be …

The Jewish Response to Hunger It is the fulfillment of a mitzvah, a commandment, to a fellow human being, … So important was the giving of charity by Jews that Maimonides was able to …

Big Medicine by Team EMS.American Jewish World Services (AJWS) [Jan 12 06 New York NY]–AJWS is an … of the poor and needy, Jews and non-Jews, and even enemies who are in need. … of human suffering, the development of people and the fostering of charity…

American Jewish World Service – CVC 2009 Charity Profile… American Jewish World Service works in partnership with local grassroots … to help heal the world; reaches out to affiliated and non-affiliated Jews … As both an international development and a Jewish organization, AJWS

Jews and non-Jews often comment on the fact that “Jews give a great deal to charity”. What compels Jews to “give a great deal to charity”? What is the mainspring of this belief, and does it have a place in our larger society?

Bostoner Rebbe, the ultimate bridge builder10 Dec 2009 … The Rebbe had no formula for reaching out and touching people.


He redoubled his efforts on behalf of the ill through ROFEH (Reaching Out — Furnishing Emergency Healthcare). He and the rebbetzin had always taken in the sick, but now he hired a staff and raised funds to buy apartments so that more people, for longer periods of time, could receive medical treatment in Boston. He galvanized volunteers — this one, a driver, that one, a translator, a third one, a medical contact person. This free service was (and remains) for Jews, observant and non-observant, and for non-Jews. The mitzvah is to save a life, anybody’s life, the Rebbe said.

Brazilian Jews’ Ad Campaign Shows They Care About Society… to form human chains spelling out the words “Judaism feels good and does good.” … “We wish to reach those who are distant from any kind of Jewish life by … do as Jews not only for Jews, but for everyone who needs charity,”


Israeli – Palestinian Relationship… Hadassah treats all people, regardless of ethnicity or religion. In fact at the start of the recent cycle of violence, HMO Director, Professor Avi Israeli, extended Hadassah’s assistance to several local Arab hospitals, including to Al-Makasid hospital in East Jerusalem.

Last week, a top ranking Palestinian official brought his son to Hadassah Hospital for treatment of meningitis.

Hadassah continues to receive inquiries from the American Red Cross about treating injured Palestinian children from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. If the parents agree to treatment, HMO will arrange for transportation and provide treatment.

Amid the Killing, E.R. is an Oasis – TIME At Hadassah, Jews save Arabs… Though the hospital … her for abandoning needy Palestinians to treat Israelis and kept the news of her …,9171,1101030623-458754,00.html

Seeking to Rob Israel of Good PR, PA Sentences Its Sick to Die Israeli Hospital also treats Palestinian terrorists, 18 May 2002 … Israeli hospital treated both sides during Jenin battle … Israeli hospitals continued to treat sick and wounded Israelis and Palestinians, civilians, soldiers and …

Israeli doctors continue to treat Palestinian children opinion, Palestinian children with severe health problems receive free treatment at Israeli hospitals. I recently visited the Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer to meet …

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(Re: Nazi or radical Islamic lies & fake quotes) The TRUTH About the Holy Beautiful Ethical Great Talmud

The TRUTH About the Holy Beautiful Ethical Great Talmud

Interesting Sites True Quotes ‘An Eye for an Eye’ Literally? Not according to Holy Talmud

FACTS! What Is?

Talmud = Peace! Ethics More Samples More on Fascists’ lies on the Beautiful Talmud, Part 2

“Receive – Embrace All Human Beings with Cheer and Joy.” – Talmud — “Do not do unto others that which you dislike.” – Talmud

How interesting it is that Haters from the Islamo Militant Propaganda Camp, that claim to have a ‘beef’ with Zionism only, mix the Old Lies on Talmud (already exposed) with their Political Agenda.

1) (Even if one disagrees with Israel’s Defense Policies), Sharon and other Zionist Govt. just as the early and founders of the Zionist movement, are not ‘Talmudists’, nor religious, but rather 100% Secular, all the way!

2) The most Anti Zionist religious Jews are the most fervent Talmud learners and followers.

3) (Today) Only Jihadists Islamic Militants use Religion to Kill, one can Never connect this holy Compassionate Talmud book to anything immoral whatsoever (but on the contrary)!


Links are not necessarily an endorsement.

Neither is this page in any shape or form an expounder of the holy divine Talmud, but unmasking Haters’ bluff.

Defending Jews
Replies to Hate,

Talmud Exposé

Truth about Talmud
Truth about the Talmud

Falsifiers of the Talmud (Non Jewish)

Re: Lies on Holy Talmud

On Fake Talmud Quotes

Shofar FTP Archive File: antisemitism/talmud/zundel-and-talmud-lies

Talmud versus the Haters

Haters use the Old Lies on the Talmud

Rebuking the Old Hate Lies, resurfaced lately:

View in: PDF HTML

How statement in the Talmud are manipulated and misquoted by anti-Semites in order to slander the children of Israel .



Non Jews in Judaism

Good News from Judaism… You don’t have to become Jewish to go to Heaven

The Saint, The Hero of 9-11-2001

On Nonsense

Of course Pedophilia is PROHIBITED!

Recently, With exposing their old lies on the internet, they

desperately try to “justify” their lies

with some mambo
jumbo salads of untrue or unrelated or out of context “data”


Some True Quotes from the Holy Talmud

By Michael Gruda:

The following brief list of quotations from Talmudic literature clarify the attitude of the sages to non-Jews. Many more examples can be adduced but this short list should be sufficient for the purposes of this article.

1. “They said of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai that no man ever greeted him first, even idol worshippers in the market” [i.e., Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai was the first to greet every person, even idol worshippers] (Berachot 17).

At the same location the sage Abaye advocated soft speech and words of peace to everyone, especially including idol worshippers.

2. “[it is proper to] support the idol worshippers during the sabbatical year …. and to inquire after their welfare [commentators: even on the days of the holidays of their idols, even if they do not keep the seven Noahide commandments] because of the ways of peace.” (Shevi’it 4,3)

3. The rabbis taught: ‘We support poor Gentiles with the poor people of Israel, and we visit sick Gentiles as well as the sick of Israel and we bury the dead of the Gentiles as well as the dead of Israel, because of the ways of peace.” (Gitin 61a)

4. The Talmud contains many references to righteous gentiles whose behaviour is held up as a model for all people. The example of Dama ben Netina is known to all Jewish children (Kidushin 31a):

‘They asked R. Eliezer how far one should go in honoring parents. He said to them: Go and see how one idol worshipper in Ashdod honored his father, and Dama ben Netina was his name. The sages wished to purchase gems from him for the Ephod [for a tremendous profit] … but the key [to the box containing the gems] was under his father’s pillow [while his father was sleeping] and he did not trouble his father [by waking him even though he gave up a tremendous profit].’ Dama was rewarded for his virtue the next year when a red heifer [required for the Temple service] was born in his flock. When he sold it to the sages he told them that he knew that they would pay any price he asked for it, but he asked only for the amount he had not earned the previous year when he refrained from waking his father.

5. Another example of righteous gentiles whose behaviour is held up as a model is to be found in the story of the King of Katsia and his subjects.

One of his subjects purchased a ruin from his neighbor and found a treasure in it. He insisted on giving it back to his neighbor, claiming he had purchased only the ruin, and not a treasure. His neighbor refused to take it, insisting that he had sold the ruin and everything in it. The two litigants came to the King to decide the issue. When the King discovered that one neighbor had a son and the other one had a daughter he ruled that the children should marry and share the treasure. It is related that Alexander of Macedonia saw this judgement and was amazed by it. He told the King of Katsia that in his country the two neighbors would be executed (since in his land found treasure had to be delivered to the King at the pain of death). The King of Katsia is reported to have asked Alexander if the rain fell and the sun shone and if there were animals in the land of Alexander. When Alexander answered affirmatively the King of Katsia told him that the sun shone and the rain fell in the merit of the animals, not the people of his land. (Gen R 33 – further sources are referenced at this location).

6. Baba Kama 38a: “But we learned: R. Meir says – whence do we learn that a gentile who is occupied in the Torah [the reference is to those commandments which apply to gentiles] is like the High Priest? As it says [a proof text is given]….”

7. Kidushin 32 contains descriptions of the manner in which our sages honored and respected the elderly. The passage specifically refers to elderly gentiles who were honored in various fashions by the sages.

8. In TY Baba Metzia there are a number of descriptions of sages going out of their way to return lost objects to gentiles (Elu Metziot).

9. Avot 3,14: “He [Rabbi Akiva] was accustomed to say: Beloved is man [commentators: the reference is to all mankind], for he was created in G-d’s image ..”

10. Tosefta BK 10,8: “.. it is more grievous to steal from a gentile because of the desecration of G-d’s name ..”

11. Tosefta BM 2,11: “.. one who sees a lost donkey of an idol worshipper must take care of it exactly the way he takes care of the lost donkey of an Israelite ..”

12. At Avoda Zara 18a the Talmud relates the remarkable story of how a Roman guard of one of the sages who was brutally murdered by the Romans repented. It was made known to the sages that the guard and the sage were welcomed to the World to Come together.

13. At Hullin 7a there is a report of how the sage Pinchas ben Yair miraculously split a river in order to speed his way to carry out the commandment to redeem captives. He went out of his way to split the river again in order to allow a gentile who was accompanying his group to also cross the river to speed his way.

This approach characterized sages throughout all generations. Some examples have been quoted in the earlier parts of this article. Two further examples of interest follow. Many more appear in the literature.

14. Maimonides (over 800 years ago) in Laws of the Sabbatical Year and Jubilee, Chapter 13, Halacha 13, writes .. “and not only the Tribe of Levy [merits special closeness to G-d] but every single person of those who walk the earth who … walks straight in the manner G-d created him … behold this person is sanctified as the Holy of Holies and [he will receive his reward in the World to Come] as the Priests and Levites.”

15. Tiferet Yisrael (Boaz) (approximately 150 years ago) on Avot 3,14 writes, ” … even if our sages had not explicitly taught [that righteous Gentiles have a place in the World to Come as we learn in Sanhedrin 105 and Maimonides Chapter 8 of the Laws of Kings] we would have understood this ourselves since G-d is righteous in all His ways … and we see many of the righteous Gentiles who not only recognize the Creator and believe in the divine origin of the Torah and also act charitably … we will say something which is a commandment to publicize … for behold, some of the them have done tremendous good for all mankind, such as Yenner who invented the … which saves tens of thousands of people from disease and death and deformities … and Draka (?) who brought the potato to Europe thus saving [people] from hunger … and Gutenberg who invented the printing press, and

some who never received any reward in this world such as the righteous Reuchlin who risked his life [to prevent the burning of the Talmud] … Can anyone imagine that these great deeds are not repaid in the World to Come? ..”

Above portion by: By Michael Gruda

Live well. It is the greatest revenge.
The Talmud

Never expose yourself unnecessarily to danger; a miracle may not save you…and if it does, it will be deducted from your share of luck or merit. The Talmud

The Lady ‘Bruria’ interprets (King David’s Psalms 104:35), “Do not (target) say the ’sinners’ should vanish, but rather the SINS, Should vanish from earth.” The Talmud -Berachot. More

Whoever destroys a single life is as guilty as though he had destroyed the entire world; and whoever resues a single life earns as much merit as though he had rescued the entire world. The Talmud, Mishna. Sanhedrin.


‘An Eye for an Eye’ Literally? Not according to the Holy Talmud!

One of the most (Characteristic) noticeable of the Need of Talmud’s interoperation of the Bible -Old Testament, is probably the commonly misconception about the Bible’s text: ‘An eye for an Eye’, it might be very surprising for so many to hear that the Holy Talmud explains that it does not mean –at all– ‘taking someone’s eye out as a ‘retaliation’ or ‘punishment,’ but rather merely a (high) penalty in monetary payments.


The Talmud puts a high emphasis on honoring other human being, Jew or

Non Jew

‘KeVod HaBryot,’ furthermore, the Sages of the Talmud have publicized, revered, the great morals every time they encountered distinguished merits by other human beings,

non Jews

, and even adopted them as guiding features.

While it is true that all religions do pride themselves as being better than ‘the other’, haters-supremacists can not ‘justify their evilness by lying on the Holy Talmud’ that actually preaches to love every CREATURE, not just mankind. (Ahavat HaBriot).

Jews are not just a race, but a religion, anyone: Black, German, Arab, Indian, Chinese, Native American, Aboriginals, (you name it) etc. can be a Jew.

The term “Jews” refers to all of the children of ancient Israel, as we found already in the book of Esther.

The Sages of the Holy Talmud, when noticing a Woman’s great morality, adapts it immediately and documents it for generations to come, thus becoming part of Torah’s writing. Bruria.

Contrary to other mono ethical religions, Judaism does NOT require one to be Jewish in order to fulfill his duty, or to enter into Paradise, Good News from Judaism… You don’t have to become Jewish to go to Heaven but complying the 7 Noahide Laws, is suffice for non Jews.

Jews are not to proselytize others, [Why Should there be any attack against Jews who merely do not want to change their origins, roots and religion?]. unless approached persistently.



Noahide Laws

C. Bnei Noach

Ask Noah

The 7 Noahide Laws

What are the 7 Noachide Laws?

Noachide Laws



From Talmud,


Be among the disciples of Aaron:
Love peace and pursue peace;
Love all fellow creatures,
And bring them near to the Torah.
- ”Hillel

Translation note (1:12): This begins: “Hillel and Shamai received from them. Hillel said …”.

“Who is a wise man? He who learns of all men.”

“Join the company of lions rather than assume the lead among foxes.”

“Receive – Embrace All Human Beings with Cheer and Joy.” Talmud – Avot

Avot d’Rabbi N. (33:4) teaches: “If a person gives his friend all the gifts in the world with a sour face, he has given him nothing. But one who receives his friend with a cheerful face, even if he has given him nothing else, has given him the greatest gift in the world.” Talmud – Avot R.N. (33)

Civility is, indeed, a Torah value. Derakheha darkhei no’am: pleasantness is the hallmark of the path of Torah Judaism. Hevei mekabel et kol ha-adam be-sever panim yafot: greet each person with a pleasant demeanor. De-alakh sani le-chaverakh la ta’avid: do not do unto others that which you dislike.
Talmud – Avot 1

The Jews are (and obliged to be) Compassionate, Humble and Charitalbe. –

The children of Israel share three traits: they are “bayshanim,” modest, “rachmanim,” merciful, and “gomlei chasadim,” doers of acts of kindness and generosity. By giving willingly, lovingly, the giver provides a sign that he is part of this nation.

“Say little and Do Much.” Talmud – Avot 1

Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel said: On three things the world is sustained: on truth, on judgment, and on peace, as it is it says (Zechariah 8:16): “Speak the truth to one another, render in your gates judgments that are true and make for peace.” Talmud – Avot 1

“Pray for the peace of your government (wherever your’e at)”.
Talmud – Avot 3

The Talmud’s “signature”, it ends with: (In the last Mishnah in Uktzin)

“G-d found no better receptacle for Blessing than the Peace.”





— If wine spills like water in one’s house there is blessing and if not-not.

Talmud Bavli Eruvin 65b

— Who is wealthy? One who is happy in their lot.

Pirkie Avot 4:1


— Blessing is only found on a thing that is hidden from the eye.

Talmud Bavli Ta’anit 8b

— There is no vessel that holds blessing like Peace.

Talmud Yerushalmi Berachot 2:4


— A person gives a minimal coin to a poor person and merits to receive the Divine Presence.

Talmud Bavli Bava Batra 10a

— Charity is only made whole by the kindness within it.

Talmud Bavli Sukkah 49b


— The world only exists because of the breath of children learning Torah in school.

Talmud Bavli Shabbat 119b


— Satan only accuses in a time of danger.

Talmud Bavli Shabbat 32a

— A wild animal does not dominate a person until the person appears to the wild animal as an animal.

Talmud Bavli Shabbat 151b


— A person dies only out of uselessness and boredom.

Avot De’Rabbi Natan 11:1

— The soul does not leave the body until it sees the Divine Presence.

Pirkie DeRebbi Eliezer 34

Divine Providence

— A person does not stub their toe below, unless it is decreed upon them from above.

Talmud Bavli Chullin 7b

Divine Service

— What is Divine Service that is done with joy and goodness of heart? This is song.

Talmud Bavli Arachin 11a

— What is a small portion of scripture that all foundations of Torah are dependent on? ‘In all your ways acknowledge God’

Talmud Bavli Berachot 63a

— We do not push off the performance of a commandment.

Talmud Bavli Succot 33a

— The Divine Presence rests not amidst depression or laziness, rather amidst the joy of one doing a commandment.

Talmud Bavli Shabbat 30b

— There is no merit like one who makes the public meritorious.

Rokeach 50,1

— One should not innovate stringencies of the law and place them upon Israel if only they would keep what is obligatory for them.

Radbaz Responsum 163

— We do not pass by Commandments.

Talmud Bavli Pesachim 64b & Yoma 33a


— There is no bad that does not have within it good.

Tzror Hamor 24, 2


— There is no exile that is as difficult for Israel as the exile of Ishmael.

Zohar Shemot 17a


— A person without friends is like a right hand without a left.

Talmud Yerushalmi Horayot 3:1

— Either friendship or death.

Talmud Bavli Ta’anit 23a


— Every herb has some healing element to it, in regards to some kind of condition.

Midrash Hanelam Berieshit 4,2

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